Friday, August 03, 2018
By Josh Barry Photography
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Easy going! Fun! Beautiful! Harley the Dog! Those are the first four things that come to mind when I think about my day I spent with Amy and Marc on their wedding day. The weather was great, the setting was magnificent, and the people were the best!


Amy and I met through one of my favorite DJ/Entertainment companies I have had the privilege of getting to party with at many events; Julian at Limelight Event Group. After meeting with Amy and Marc I was excited once I heard about the venue. As a new resident to Bel Air, MD I have yet to photograph at many venues in North East Maryland and the surrounding areas. I am used to All Points Baltimore and South and also Virginia. So I was excited to hear this was at the Bohemia River Overlook. This would be my first time there and I feel so happy with what I was able to capture.


Amy and Marc decided to do a first look for their wedding. This, to me, is a trend I love seeing become more and more common among brides and grooms. It makes for wonderful storytelling when swiping through your portraits from your wedding day. Also, it's a perfect intimate moment that gets to be shared privately between just them (and maybe the bridal party as on-lookers too). You get to really enjoy the last few moments as an unmarried couple before the ceremony. You get to embrace each other and take time for some very genuine emotive photographs. Each one is always different. It's a special moment that really sets the tone for the day. This is also great because we do the first look early enough where we leave time left over for artistic bridal portraits as well as family formals that way they don't have to be done after the ceremony.


During the portraits I got a great sense of how fun these two are and how much they care about each other. I love how they brought their dog, Harley for a few special cameos in their portraits and party photographs. 


Special thanks to The Twisted Vine Wedding and Event Florals. I did a walkthrough at the Venue the day before the wedding and noticed that the venue had a swing hanging from the tree right near the water in front of their vineyard. I thought to myself, "how beautiful it would be if this were decorated with flowers and use it for portraits." So last minute we call The Twisted Vine and ask her if she can bring some flowers to decorate the swing. Despite our last minute request, as you can see below, she came through perfectly.


Enjoy the images

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Sunday, July 22, 2018
By Josh Barry Photography
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The kids are going off to college!!! This is your last chance to preserve this time in their lives

Time has passed by so quickly. 

Your adult sized children are now headed off to college or the next station in their lives. No more seeing them on a daily basis.

From this day forward it will never be the same. 

Your nest is empty and now those times you felt annoyance at their daily bad habits will now be remembered fondly and a bit of woe.

You will miss them every day they are gone. 

Passing by their rooms will feel different. Looking at the dust around where their game console used to rest. Heck even their toothbrush slot is empty. You will notice all the little changes with their absence. 

Before they go take the opportunity to do what you've been thinking about doing anyway; Preserve those memories with one final family portrait to mark this milestone in your family's AND YOUR KID'S lives!!!

Sessions now booking for families with high school juniors, seniors, graduates, or college aged kids!!!


Session fees are just $99(Normally $199) 

for a full family session (Usually about 1.5 to 2 hours)

Each kid going off to college receives a complimentary 11x14 metal print:

which comes with a desk, shelf, or wall mount for their dorm room. It's the perfect way to make sure mom and dad lets them know you are always there for them (Or always keeping an eye on them)!!!



This promotion expires August 3rd at Midnight so be sure to call me right now at 410-777-5604 or

click the button below to fill out our form and we will reach out to you to schedule your free in-person creative consultation






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Sunday, July 01, 2018
By Josh Barry Photography
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Capturing the Last Glimmer of Childhood Before They Start Adult Life

Life will never be the same

      Transitioning from being a parent where you've spent almost every moment of your life raising your children to become adults to now sending them out into the world, off to college, the military, or where ever life takes them and now being without their company is going to be a bit of a hurdle emotionally for all parents. 


Once They're gone

     The quiet, the reduced grocery bills, hearing their voice less and less, seeing their face and life change in 2 or 3 months increments when they come home for visits. All of these may, at first, sound like a vacation from the stress from being a parent but when it actually happens and the day finally comes when your son or daughters daily annoying habit (Always leaving a half finished glass of milk on the counter or their towel on the floor in the bathroom) is no longer there it will finally hit you like a wave.


Preserving this time in their lives

     I Understand how important this transitional part of life is to parents and I plan on helping to ease this transition for you and your family. My upcoming promotion will keep you in their hearts while they are away.

     Until the promotion arrives, stay in touch to receive more information about the big promotions coming very soon. Click the button below to subscribe and be the first to find out and be notified.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018
By Josh Barry Photography
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Dancers or NOT Dancers; THAT is the question

Today's tip comes yet again by way of my good friend, Chad Ricardo aka The Mitzvah Maestro.



A user wrote in with a very valid question and one that can sometimes seem a little trivial to families when planning their event whether it be a Wedding, Corporate Party, or a Bar and Bat Mitzvah. The question is, as written to Chad:



Thank you for taking time to read this. Our very first Bar Mitzvah is on the horizon and the closer it gets, the more frantic I’m becoming!
I feel as though I could ask you 20,000 questions, but if I do, you likely won’t respond, so I’ll stick with the most pressing one at this time. Dancers. Are they really that important? My son has a majority of male friends. We anticipate around 90-100 total, with 65 or so being boys. How many of these dancers do you believe we should have and does it matter if they're boys or girls?
Again, Thank you so Much!"


Chad Answers:



Thank you very much for taking the time to write me! And listen, I can assure you that I would have found the time to write you back, even if you asked ALL 20,000 of your questions… I’d have just had to hope you received my response before your date came and passed!

So here’s the deal, as a Master of Ceremonies, I tell the families I work with that dancers are very important, in fact they are often instrumental in the overall flow of the night. Reason being, aside from dancing, they have a ton of other responsibilities that assist with the facilitation of your party; they pass out favors, help lead your teens to where they should be and AWAY from where they shouldn't and they take care of things for you and your guests. A quality dancer will aid your party in myriad of ways.

To the specifics of your question, with that many boys, chances are you will want 4 dancers. A great MC can get away with 3, but if you have it in your budget to stretch for 4, it’s likely in your best interest. I’m of the belief that you should keep a 1: 25 ratio, dancers to teens, thus that falls closely within those parameters. Furthermore, the gender of your preferred dancers really depends on the type of teens you have. If your fellas are more athletic and rambunctious , it’s likely best you request that 3 of your 4 dancers be male to help them have fun, while keeping their rough-housing to a minimal. If your guys believe themselves to be smooth and charming, ask for 2 females to accompany the 2 males. Your guys will enjoy trying out their latest pick-up lines on the older women!

At the end of the day, quality dancers will serve as a huge benefit to your Bar Mitzvah. You’ll throw a great party and you, AND YOUR MC will be thankful to have had them at your disposal.

I hope this helps and I’ll be looking for the other 19,999.
Create a Great Day!

Your MM
Chad Ricardo



I agree with Chad's advice. I have photographed well over 200 Mitzvahs and from my experience EVERY party rises to a whole new level when there are dancers at the party interacting with guests, dancing, motivating others who might otherwise not dance to get out on the dance floor and have a great time. The female dancers have their purpose and male dancers have theirs as well. I find that a good appropriate mix manages all aspects of personalities at a wedding, corporate event, or a Bar and Bat Mitzvah.


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Tuesday, May 15, 2018
By Josh Barry Photography
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#TipTuesday - Assign a family member to help out


     You've planned, you've organized, you've designed, you've picked the colors, the theme, the venue, the DJ, the food, the photographer, and now you just want to enjoy your family's special day whether it be a wedding or a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. You want to laugh, dance, eat, maybe some wine....ok ok maybe a lotta wine. Either way, however you plan on enjoying your day the last thing you want is to be bothered with things you felt you had properly organized ahead of time so you WOULDN'T have to deal with them the day-of.


     Well one very often overlooked item is the list our clients give the photographer of important family members to capture during the reception. We as photographers sometimes must come to you to help place a face with the name on our paper. Of course we want to deliver what it is you ask for however if I were in your shoes I'd not want to go on a treasure hunt for family members while trying to enjoy the fesitivites of this once-in-a-lifetime milestone. "Where is Uncle Alan?" "Did cousin Timmy run off again?" "Good grief I justt want to relax now after a year of two of planning!!!" 


We get it. So we have a solution that we like to deploy for all of our events. It's easy and relieves you of any worry or concern that is unneeded on the day of your party. Here it is. 


Every Family has at least one family member who is willing or would even jump at the chance to help the photographer put faces to names of important family members. Just call them up prior to the event and ask them to help us out. This will free you up to enjoy the party and not have your attention taken away by the photographer. You could always 'pay back' a family member to this way. Remember that time your sister in-law spilled wine on your carpet? Or when your cousin pranked you in front of the family? Now you can finally get them back and make them do some important work for you!!!  Ok Ok....maybe not. Buuuuuuut there is always a happily willing family member to help out on such a special day. So easy and so valuable most often this tiny detail gets overlooked.







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